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The weekend of festivities has become a beloved holiday occasion as well as an important link to our nation’s history and heritage. For 20 years, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life have traveled to the historic Plymouth Harbor and Waterfront to experience a bounty of authentic Americana. The celebration of Thanksgiving becomes history-brought-to-life as Pilgrims, Native Americans, Soldiers, Patriots, and Pioneers proudly climb out of the history books and onto the streets of Plymouth.

We invite you to join us in a celebration over 350 years in the making!! Enjoy the Friday afternoon walk along the waterfront as Pilgrim tour guides bring the statues to life telling stories from the founders of America's Hometown.  Enjoy Friday night events including an illumination ceremony and festival in the streets and waterfront area of downtown Plymouth.  The signature kick off concert is a free Veterans Memorial Concert that is given to honor all who have served in our Armed Forces. Not only is there entertainment from the best groups in the nation, the streets will be bustling with activities and excitement for what is to come!

Saturday features the highlight of the weekend and the treasured gem of America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration, The Historic Parade.  Opening Ceremonies include live entertainment and will open with a symbolic candle lighting that portrays the faith and fortitude of the Pilgrims.  The parade features a chronological walk through the history of our great nation via custom built floats, equestrian groups, fife and drum and renowned drum corps. 

Events continue on Saturday and Sunday of the weekend and include a food festival, crafter's village, live entertainment, an outdoor living history village, farmers market, food vendors a drum corps concert and more.  There is truly something for everyone here in America’s Hometown.  We invite you to become part of our history.  

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