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Thank you to all our sponsors for making this event possible. Because of you, we have been ranked the number one Thanksgiving Parade by AOL!

Marked one of the top 20 Massachusetts USA events and festivals!

Our mission is to educate the public while preserving our country’s important history, starting with the Pilgrim legacy and Thanksgiving story while recognizing all those who have fought to protect the American way of life. We will accomplish this goal by producing a Thanksgiving celebration of excellence in Plymouth, America’s Hometown, where Thanksgiving began. Through concerts honoring military sacrifice and a parade chronicling the Pilgrim legacy, spectators will leave with a sense of history and pride.

The weekend of festivities has become a beloved holiday occasion as well as an important link to our nation’s history and heritage. For 17 years, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life have traveled to the historic Plymouth Harbor and Waterfront to experience a bounty of authentic Americana. The celebration of Thanksgiving becomes history-brought-to-life as Pilgrims, Native Americans, Soldiers, Patriots, and Pioneers proudly climb out of the history books and onto the streets of Plymouth.

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We are proud to have the WCVB Eye Opener Team be an integral part of our celebration!

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