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America's only historically accurate chronical parade

Saturday - November, 23, 2013
Plymouth Center, 10:30AM

The Saturday morning Celebration festivities begin at 10:30am on the Plymouth Massachusetts historic waterfront with an opening ceremony featuring a variety of top-quality entertainment.

This is one of America’s only historically accurate chronological parades, visually bringing to life America’s rich heritage representing each century from the 17th through the 21st. In showing the preservation of America’s history through the years, beginning with the Pilgrim era, we promote an appreciation among our citizens for our rich heritage.

The parade is ranked the second best Thanksgiving parade in the nation. It features beautifully decorated floats, nationally recognized Drum and Bugle Corps, re-enactment units from every period of American history and military marching units.

Patriotism and hope is revived in the hearts of observant adults and children as the drum and fife, pipe, drum and bugle corps, and military bands play music honoring the courageous defenders of our country: the men and women who serve in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force and the Coast Guard.

Educational and economic factors aside, the parade offers plenty of fun and entertainment to attract visitors from all corners of the United States and even beyond. Music, historical reenactments, vintage American cars and beautiful hand made floats are all part of the visual feast and fun. The festivities surrounding the parade include displays of authentic early American antiques as well as demonstrations of the making of candles, soaps, and jellies. Viewers are treated to a visual trip back to the colonial days.

Watch for more detailed information and the parade lineup in the Community Newspaper magazine insert the week before our event.