home image Saturday – November 19th 2016
Steps off at Benny’s Plaza, Court Street 11:00AM

The Annual Grand Parade will include hand crafted historic floats, equestrian units, world renowned drum corps, historical reenactors and more!  This nationally revered parade will evoke a feeling of pride and admiration for the history of this great nation. 

2015 Parade Lineup

Division 1- Line Up Robbins Rd
Welcome to the parade Banner
Plymouth County Sheriff Dept Color Guard
America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration Banner
Boston Police Gaelic Column Pipes         
Sacred Heart Banner
Parade Marshalls – Channel Five Banner
Float #1 History Comes Alive/Parade Marshalls/ Women Veterans
Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation Banner
America Gives Thanks (PRF) Banner
#1 Cavaliers D&B Corp
Mutual Bank Banner
Float #2WETU - Patuxet Pavilion
Walking Native American’s
Double B Ranch Equestrians
Pooper Scooper- their own
Cabby Shack Banner
Float #3 - Mayflower II Replica
Walking Pilgrims
New Plimmoth Gard, firing
Shaughnessy Rental Banner
Blackwell’s Regiment of Foote
Salem Trayned Band- firing
Model T antique Cars (2side by side)
Hobby Knoll Carriage/ Directors Outstanding citizen Award
Pooper Scooper- AHTC
Entergy Banner
#2 Hawthorne Cabellero’s D&B Corp
Plymouth Magazine  Banner
Float # 4- First Thanksgiving
Walking Pilgrims & Native Americans

Division 2 Line Up – MusterField Rd
Ancient and Honorable Artillery
His Majesties Regiment First Foot Guard
Plymouth High School Band
Plymouth 400th Banner,
Float #5 Plymouth to Plymouth
Rehobeth Minutemen, 13th continental Regiment, firing 
Watertown Provincial Guard
Pirates of the New England Coast 1600 – 1700’s
Ocean Spray Banner
#3 Crusader Seniors D&B Corp
Old Colony Club
Hannaford Supermarket Banner
Hannaford Employee Marchers
Float #6– Cornucopia
Highland Light Scottish Band
Float #7 – Tribute to France
Hamon’s  Snowshoemen, 1675 – 1783
CJ’s Ranch, Barnstable Barn Burners
CJ’s  Pooper Scooper
Plymouth Rock Assurance Otto & Spotter
Plymouth Rehabilitation Banner
Float #8– Turkey in the Wild
Free Men of the Sea- firing
Old colony Model T Cars (2) side by side
Colony Place Banner
#4 Park City Pride D&B Corps
Top Paper Turkey Banner-The Market
American Legion Post 40
215th Army Band
VFW Post 1822 Plymouth
Old Colony  Cars- 2
Quincy College Banner
Float # 9 Cooked Turkey
Plymouth County Officials Banner
Hallamore Clydesdales

Division 3  Line Up Holmes Terrace
Park Plymouth Banner
#5 Defenders D&B Corps
Curry College Banner
Float# 9 Hedge House, 1809…
Antique Bicycles, 1890-1930
1812 Marine Guard
National Lancers 1836
Pooper Scooper- AHTC
USS Constitution Color Guard
Norwich University Cadets 1819
New England Brigade,
Sullivan Tire Banner
Float # 11- Old Faithful 1870
99.9 the Q sponsor in 1955 Buick Convertible
#6 Golden Knights D&B Corps
Old Colony Cars (2)
54th MA Volunteer Infantry

Division 4  Line Up- Hall St
MBTA Transit Police Honor Guard
OLD COLONY  Cars ( 2 side by side)
# 7 North Star D&B Corp..
Boston Sand & Gravel Banner
Float # 12 Wright Brothers, 1900
Second Brook Ranch Palominos on Parade
Icelandic Horses and mounted Vikings
Pooper scooper- AHTC
Pilgrim Squadron Civil Air Patrol
1944,M15A1 Half Track /machine guns, Sanderson
South Shore Military  Command Car, Thompson
1954 M38A1 Willie Jeep, Sanderson
1978 M35A2 Deuce and a Half Cargo Truck,Woods
Rosey the Riverter in a 1941 Ford Jeep by Thompson
Banner Honoring Jeff Mathias
Mass Maritime Honor Guard and Marching Band
L. Knife Banner
Float # 13 Their Finest Hour
US Coast Guard, Northern New England
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 64 
Antique  cars (2), side by side
Equestrian Element Riding School
Pooper scooper- EE’s
Party Lite Banner
Party Lite American  Flag
Float # 14– New England Patriots-
N. E. End Zone Militia

Division 5  Line UP Olmstead Terrace
Marty’s GMC Banner
Float #15 – America’s Hometown Express
Antique Cars (2), side by side
Northeast Paso Fino Horses (NEPFA)
Pooper Scooper-AHTC
FMC Ice Sports Banner
PRF Victorian  Carolers
Float #16 – Victorian Church
Old Colony cars- (2)side by side
Colony cars-( 2)side by side
Rockland Trust Banner
#8 Ct Alumni D&B Corp
Setting the Space Banner
Float#17 – Saint Nicholas